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Thank you for visiting my website where you can watch videos, see my photos and demo reels, as well as learn about my latest projects.


I am shooting a national Toyota Tundra commercial directed by Ida Cuellar! Woo hoo! #UnionWorking


Click below to see my acting Demo Reel which contains clips from "Grey's Anatomy," "CSI: Miami," "The X-Files", "Commander In Chief," among other shows, as well as some of my film work and many commercial campaigns...

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Click below to see my Headshot gallery, my Production gallery, as well a gallery of my Photography and...

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I have produced a series of podcasts based on my comedic essays. You can listen on Soundcloud or click the links below.

"As Seen On TV" tells the comedic tale of bleach-filled kiddie pools, mix tapes and a remake of "The Wizard of Oz."

"At The Buffet" is a comedic monolgue I wrote for the revue, "Twits & Feathers" which follows Minnesota matron, Mildred Hansen, and her girlfriends as they traverse through a Las Vegas buffet line.

"The First Noel" tells the comedic tale of reinvented traditions, a hot legs contest and a 23 hour bus ride from hell.

"Thelma Clark" tells the comedic tale of a piano recital gone awry while growing up back in suburban Iowa.

"Is That You, Bosley?" tells the comedic tale of suburban Boy Scout angst, cupcake deprivation and a couple of undercover angels.

"The Show Must Go On" tells the comedic tale of suburban little league horror, Karen Carpenter, and a valuable show biz lesson learned from a most unusual source.

"The Hooker Next Door" tells the comedic tale of a one-bunned Princess Leia and two suburban Nancy Drews.

"Adieu, Contessa" tells the comedic tale of a mid-life decision that brings back memories of Midwest family vacations, hair restoration and Richard Gere.

"You Can Run But You Can't Hide" tells the comedic tale of a Midwest microburst, the fascinating dance of the bees, and a somewhat masculine umbrella.